“Danae is a caring, responsive and empowering doula who is a master at her craft.  I am in awe of her broad set of skills and qualities. 


For example, Danae will work holistically with your body through yoga, massage, meditation and nutrition.   She can connect deeply with you about the spiritual journey of birth and crack a joke at the right moment to lighten the mood.  She makes you feel safe during the overwhelming emotions of labour and in the quiet moments of doubt throughout the pregnancy.  Very importantly, Danae has strong medical knowledge to credibly engage with doctors and midwives and to objectively explain procedures to parents in plain English. 


It’s a rare to find this depth of capability and capacity in one person, and we are so grateful that she was and continues to be there for our family”. 


"I can’t recommend Danae highly enough. As a husband (and father), I was a bit unsure about having another person involved in the pregnancy and  present during the labour and birth, but now I can say it was one of the best decisions we made.

Danae was a calming and positive presence throughout, and her knowledge and skill was instrumental in us having an amazing birth experience. She led us through the entire process with such a relaxed vibe. It made everything really special, and allowed my wife (and me) to concentrate on bringing our beautiful baby daughter into the world. At no time did it feel like she shoudn't be there. In fact, I didn’t want her to go!

She worked really well with the hospital staff and obstetrician to make sure everyone was on the same page, and even made the time to attend our appointments in the lead up. If you need a friend + expert + cheerleader + shoulder to lean on, Danae is that person".


"After a traumatic first pregnancy and birth over 4 years ago, my husband and I requested the services of Danae in order to help us achieve a completely different experience with our second daughter.

Danae spent an incredible amount of time during my pregnancy helping us to prepare physically and mentally for a pain-free and enjoyable pregnancy and an empowering birthing experience.

Our birth experience was truly incredible and life-changing for my husband and I. The techniques Danae taught us worked perfectly, her support kept us calm and focused and she worked wonderfully with the hospital staff (they have all since raved about her). We achieved everything on our birth plan and it was an empowering and healing experience.

Danae is an incredible person and a brilliant doula. I will be recommending Danae to everyone I meet".


“I engaged Danae for the birth of my second child with the hope that she would be able to cheerlead me through labour, hoping that I would be able to avoid the induction and subsequent interventions I experienced during my first labour.  I am convinced Danae is instrumental in helping achieve the birth I hoped for.


Even though circumstances meant I did end up beginning the induction process, my labour progressed spontaneously and quickly and I managed to avoid further intervention and pain relief.  My birthing experience was empowering, my recovery was very quick and my baby boy was born healthy, alert and latched on immediately.


Danae is an incredible woman; friendly, positive and relatable; I felt she understood my birth wishes and would be my best champion during labour. With an amazing background in assisting women in labour, extremely knowledgeable and holistic in practice; Danae guided me through my pregnancy and the public health system to make choices to aim for the labour I hoped for. From prenatal yoga; coaching me through options to avoid induction; walking with me along the corridors of the hospital; suggesting movement to assist me during labour; keeping me focused through contractions; to the safe and speedy arrival of my baby, I could not have hoped for a better support.  Danae even ended up cutting my little boys umbilical cord!

I would highly recommend Danae to any woman on their pregnancy journey who may be seeking support, strength, guidance and knowledge to help achieve a positive experience, no matter how the labour ultimately progresses. 




“Danae is an absolute godsend. I attended her yoga yoga classes throughout my pregnancy and always felt supported and safe under her guidance.

In my third trimester, she did one-on-one sessions to prepare me for labour and to help spin the baby into the optimal position. Both of which were invaluable when the time came.

Danae is just magic; I cannot recommend enough!”


“Danae supported me in the months leading up to the birth of my first baby. She adapted yoga classes for me and ensured I was always safe and comfortable (yet still pushed myself, safely).

Danae quickly became a core part of my mental and physical birth preparation. She filled me with confidence each time I saw her, and I felt she was constantly looking out for me.

Danae's wisdom and care made me feel powerful, strong and "in the zone" for my birth. I did yoga classes with her until 2 days before my birth and have continued with 'mums and bubs' yoga since.

Danae's support over the past year has filled me with energy and I know that I am a happier, more balanced and powerful woman/ mother/human because of the time I have spent with her. Thanks Danae! "


“I’ve known Danae for more than 20 years. As a mother of 6, something always brings me back to her. She has this magnetic pull. In everything she does, she gives her heart and soul. 
This is not a profession to her, this is her gift. The gift of supporting women during their most vulnerable yet empowering moments. A gift that has become a privilege. A privilege that she has personally gone through and a privilege that she can now give guidance in. You will be loved, empowered and supported
. What more could a pregnant woman ask for. Thank you.”