As a well respected Doula, Danae pride's herself in providing you and your partner unconditional care, understanding, information and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process. 

Throughout your pregnancy and birth, Danae will take the time to understand what you really want from your birth. You will receive thorough birth education and be able to utilise as much of Danae's knowledge to prepare for this amazing experience. Danae strives to ensure your experience is as calm, empowering and positive as possible.

Please visit "Yoga Studio" to look at how Danae incorporates Yoga, Meditation and Breathing practice

If after reading the details below, engaging a Doula for support interests you, please contact Danae to arrange a meeting at no cost. The right connection is integral to the process and your decision.

Below is an outline of the standard package and additional services. As every woman and family is unique, this can be tailored to suit individual circumstances and needs.


"The power of a Birth Plan is not the plan itself...... Its the process of becoming educated about all of your options."
~ Danae

Primary Package $1,800

Offering outline:

  • Two pre- natal visits (allow 2 hours for each of these sessions)

  • Birth – from active labour (or whenever the birthing mum feels she needs Danae) to birth

  • One post birth visit.  Time varies depending on the needs of the birth mum. (Max time 2hrs. Should more time be required hourly rate applies)

  • Any reasonable amount of time spent on the phone is included in this package. Please call me anytime with questions, general updates after clinical visits and any concerns / feelings that come up.

Pre-natal visits:

~ Session 1

  • Getting to know a woman's story

  • Developing home Yoga practice

  • Introducing Hypnobirthing / Calmbirth fundamentals

  • The power of sound / working with your breath

  • Understanding Danae's concepts of "Letting Down"

  • The power of language in the birth space

  • Birth Education - Understanding all stages of labour and birth

  • Benefits of Active Birth / following your Birth Instinct's

  • General Discussion & Danae’s package of reading materials.

~ Session 2

  • GBS (Group B Strep) test, understanding and preparation

  • Clinical Care Birth Plan – document outlining your preferences for clinical care during the birth

  • Natural pain relief techniques

  • Unexpected outcomes

  • Reviewing Yoga practice for final weeks of Pregnancy

  • How to collect colostrum and nipple stimulation to avoid induction

  • Continued Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • The plan for the big day

  • What to expect once your baby has arrived

  • Create 40 day recovery plan

  • General Discussion.

Post birth visit:

  • Debriefing Birth

  • Connecting mum to any required support services

  • Using Yoga to support rejuvenation

  • Baby massage 

  • Helping with general questions you may have around the care of your newborn

Additional Offering ($80 in my studio / $120 in your home)

  • Private Yoga practice

  • Fetal Positioning – personally educated by Gail Tully of Spinning Babies

  • Any pre-birth consultation in addition to above standard sessions.

  • Subject to availability, you are welcome to join my group pregnancy yoga classes, $20 per class.



Cremorne NSW Australia

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