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A Birth Doula is much like a Sherpa. A Doula provides guidance, information and emotional and physical support to women during pregnancy and birth. 

It’s said that during labor, a woman leaves her body, traveling to the stars to find her baby’s soul to bring back to earth.

Much like in sleep or meditation, in unhindered labour, our brain does go into an altered state due to a ‘theta wave’ pattern, a deep, dream-like state. The mind quiets, intuition and body-knowing take over. We go into a timeless, primal place. It’s a transcendent state, the world seems to disappear. The energy of birth takes over. You are in ‘flow state.’ Your body knows what to do.This powerful state facilitates intuitive birthing.

As a Specialised Birth Doula, Danae empowers you with the knowledge and space that facilitates this state, and teaches you powerful tools that induce and support the theta state:




Breath work

Sound and throat opening

Essential Oils



These elicit calm, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, release fear, and relax your muscles facilitating dilation and birth. This is opposite to the nervous system’s fight or flight state which leads to anxiety, fear, tensed muscles (including pelvic floor muscles), and in most mammals, inhibits or stops labor & birth.

Over time and experience's with many women in Birth Danae has learned many techniques to help women access their primal birthing state, and innate birthing potential and the sooner you begin your preparation journey the better

A Birth Doula gives women the security of continuity of care, which is mostly unavailable in our current system of maternity care. It also ensures that you have an experienced birth worker, that knows and understands your wishes, 100% present for you at all times during your labouring and birth experience.

Danae support's all types of births including Twin and VBAC Births in all types of environments, including Public and Private Hospitals, Birth Centre's and Home Birth (with private practice midwife present).

Please visit "Yoga Studio" to look at how Danae incorporates Yoga, Meditation and Breathing practice to support your pregnancy and prepare you for your Birth journey.

Below is an outline of how Danae approaches her role. 

What Danae Can Do as Your Doula

Danae can perform different support roles, depending on your needs, which include;

  • Provide information to enable you to make informed choices, care and support during pregnancy and labour, including breath centred.pre-natal Yoga & birth preparation for the mind.

  • Support you and your partner during the labour and birth in your home prior to the hospital.

  • Optimal fetal positioning. Danae is qualified to use Spinning Babies techniques and the holistic practice of Yoga to help your baby settle in positions most helpful for the birthing mother for her labour and birth, to help labour progress smoothly.

  • Provide support if you are on bed rest (to prevent preterm labour), with gentle seated Yoga & Meditation practices. 

How Danae Can Work With You

As preparation for birth Danae will typically:

  • Meet with you multiple times during your pregnancy for Birth Education and preparation and to build our relationship.

  • Offer the opportunity for you to practice Pregnancy Yoga in classes LIVE via Zoom

  • Help you understand all stages of birth, physiologically and emotionally.

  • Help you develop a clinical care birth plan / preference.

  • Help you to understand / navigate hospital procedures.

  • Teach you breathing, sound, active birthing, calm birthing, hypnobirthing and meditation skills.

During labour, Danae will:

  • Do everything within her power to honour your birthing wishes.

  • Help you settle into and progress your labour in your home.

  • Involve and empower your partner (if you have one), to support you

  • Use Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques to help your labour progress smoothly. 

  • Use movement, rebozo, essential oils, acupressure and holistic techniques to help you. relax/progress labour.

  • Help you get into comfortable positions, using water if desired. Use smart rest techniques.

  • Help you get adequate nutrition and fluids.

  • Help you understand your options and communicate your preferences to the medical staff.

  • Help you interact with your labour and birth experience.

After delivery, Danae can:

  • De Brief your birth experience with you

  • Connect you to home visit Lactation Consultant if needed

  • Provide additional home therapy treatments for placenta wound healing and adrenal support, using moxa

Why You Might Want to Choose a Doula?

As a result of the continuity of care provided by birth doulas (professional birth support engaged by the client), the Cochrane 2017 research statistics show: 

  • 39% decrease in the risk of caesarean delivery and improved opportunity for mother-baby bonding and breastfeeding outcomes, further supporting the health of babies by building their immunity

  • 15% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth 

  • 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

  • 10% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief

  • decrease in length of labour by 41 m minutes on average

  • 38% decrease in a baby presenting with a below 5 APGAR score on birth

Danae can help you and your partner have a positive and safe birth,  and make the best possible decisions for your body and your baby. This enables you the opportunity to have the best experience possible.