“Doula”  is a Greek word for “a woman that serves other women”. A Doula provides guidance, information and emotional and physical support to women during pregnancy and birth. Doula's do not perform medical tasks or provide medical care. 

A Birth Doula gives women the security of continuity of care, which is mostly unavailable in our current system of maternity care. It also ensures that you have an experienced birth worker, that knows and understands your wishes, 100% present for you at all times during your labouring and birth experience.

Danae support's all types of births in all types of environments, including home birth (with private practice midwife present), birth centre's and hospital's.

Please visit "Yoga Studio" to look at how Danae incorporates Yoga, Meditation and Breathing practice to support your pregnancy and prepare you for your Birth journey.

Below is an outline of how Danae approaches her role. Every woman and family is unique and so this support can be tailored and varied in a way that is perfect for you.


"Asking your husband to be your soul guide through labour is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest......He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the Himalayas you'd both be a lot better off with a Sherpa!" ~ Pam England

What I Can Do as Your Doula

I can perform different support roles, depending on your needs, which include;

  • Provide information to enable you to make informed choices, care and support during pregnancy and labour, including breath centred pre-natal Yoga & birth preparation for the mind.

  • Optimal fetal positioning. I am qualified to use Spinning Babies techniques and the holistic practice of Yoga to help your baby settle in positions most helpful for the birthing mother for her labour and birth.

  • Provide support if you are on bed rest (to prevent preterm labour), with gentle seated Yoga & Meditation practices. Help with household tasks.

  • Support you during the first few weeks after birth by helping with care for you (establishing good breastfeeding routine) and your baby and assisting with household tasks.

How I Can Work With You

As preparation for birth I will typically:

  • Meet with you multiple times during your pregnancy to build our relationship.

  • Offer the opportunity for you to practice pre-natal Yoga in my studio.

  • Help you understand all stages of birth, physiologically and emotionally.

  • Help you develop a clinical care birth plan / preference.

  • Help you to understand / navigate hospital procedures.

  • Teach you breathing, sound, active birthing, calm birthing, hypnobirthing and meditation skills.

During labour, I will:

  • Do everything within my power to honour your birthing wishes.

  • Help you settle into and progress your labour in your home.

  • Involve and reassure your dad-to-be.

  • Use movement, rebozo, essential oils, massage and holistic techniques to help you relax/progress labour.

  • Help you get into comfortable positions, using water if desired. Use smart rest techniques.

  • Help you get adequate nutrition and fluids.

  • Help you understand your options and communicate your preferences to the medical staff.

  • Help you interact with your labour and birth experience.

After delivery, I can:

  • Provide support for both you and your partner after bringing your baby home.

  • Teach baby massage.

  • Assist with breastfeeding education.

  • Provide additional home therapy treatments for placenta wound healing and adrenal support.

  • Home yoga practice for afterbirth care.

  • Assist with baby settling education & support.

Why You Might Want to Choose a Doula

  • I can help you and the dad-to-be have a positive and safe birth experience enabling you to have the opportunity to better enjoy the process.

  • I can offer pre and postnatal Yoga to support your body and mind through pregnancy, childbirth and recovery.

  • Studies show that women who use a Doula:

    • Have shorter labours, are less likely to need a C-section, request less pain medication and have a more positive / empowering birth experience.

    • Are likely to have more success with breastfeeding.

    • Have reduced chances of developing postnatal depression.



Cremorne NSW Australia

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