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Danae is a well known and experienced Birth Educator and Doula. She believes that not only is it crucial to be able to educate women and their partners well, but that the knowledge has to then translate into practical application in whatever environment you choose to birth in.

Understanding all aspects of the process, preparing the body and mind, preparing for unexpected outcomes and ensuring informed consent, all make for a thorough approach that allows women to understand every choice they have made and never look back with regrets. That is when women leave their births feeling empowered and emotionally well.

"We don't have control over how our birth unfolds - what we do have control over is the energy we bring to the experience. That is how you make birth beautiful" - Lael Stone



  • Two pre- natal visits (allow 3 hours for each of these sessions)

  • Birth – from active labour (or whenever the birthing mum feels she needs Danae) to birth

  • One post birth visit.  Time varies depending on the needs of the birth mum. 

  • Any reasonable amount of time spent on the phone is included in this package. Please call me anytime with questions, general updates after clinical visits and any concerns / feelings that come up.

Pre-natal visits: - More detail on enquiry

~ Session 1

  • Getting to know a woman's journey to Pregnancy

  • VBAC  If applicable

  • Developing home Yoga practice

  • Birth Education - Understanding all stages of labour and birth

  • Your baby's journey through the pelvis

  • Introducing Hypnobirthing / Calmbirth fundamentals / Specialised Meditation

  • The power of sound

  • Working with your breath

  • Understanding Danae's concepts of "Letting Down"

  • Benefits of Active Birth / following your Birth Instinct's

  • Pushing faze of Birth

  • Gestation Diabetes test preparation and alternatives

  • Spinning Babies / OMP (optimal Maternal Positioning) – Optimal Fetal Positioning for Birth

  • General Discussion & Danae’s package of reading materials.

~ Session 2

  • GBS (Group B Strep) test, understanding and preparation

  • Clinical Care Birth Plan – document outlining your preferences for clinical care during the birth

  • Birthing your Placenta

  • What does normal labour and birth behaviour look and sound like

  • Unexpected outcomes

  • Stretch and Sweeps

  • Reviewing Yoga practice for final weeks of Pregnancy

  • How to collect colostrum and nipple stimulation to avoid induction

  • Continued Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • The plan for the big day

  • What to expect once your baby has arrived

Post birth visit:

  • Debriefing Birth

  • Ensuring that feeding your baby is going well

  • Connecting mum to any required support services

  • Helping with general questions you may have around the care of your newborn