Blessing way ceremonies are a beautiful and unique way to honour a mother-to-be.

An old Navajo (native American) ceremony, which celebrates a woman's rite of passage into motherhood.

This blessing honours the connection between women, recognises the sacred birth ahead and the right of passage a woman must pass through as she transitions into motherhood.

This Ceremony is not just for 1st time mothers. Each birth and new life is celebrated equally.


Mothers Blessing Way - $300 (additional cost for excessive travel)

This includes a visit with the Birthing Mother prior to the Blessing to ensure the Ceremony is planned to her liking

 Creating a space

  • Decide on the space where you are going to hold your circle, this can simply be a cleared lounge room or a backyard with thrown down rugs and cushions placed in a circle big enough to seat your guests.

  • Create a center-piece, such as a crystal mandala, fresh flowers  

The Ceremony (Danae to provide Oils)

  •  Opening the Ceremony 

  •  Essential oil smudging


  • Inviting stillness in guided meditation. This is a way for your circle to relax, be present, to set intentions and to manifest love and positivity for themselves and for the mother to be.

Honouring our female lineage and welcoming gratitude 

  • Each woman lights a candle welcoming her ancestors by honouring her lineage and speaks of something in her life she is truly grateful for.

  • If a woman has a positive Birth story to share this is the perfect time, highlighting a moment that she enjoyed the most or a preparation she found most helpful. Positive birth is not just a vaginal birth, can include a positive cesarean section birth.

Crown of flowers (provided by the group - each guest to bring a bead)

  • As each woman then share’s a special moment that bonds her to the mother to be, they wrap their flowers on her soon to be crown OR / AND adding a bead onto a bracelet for the mother

  • The crown / bracelet is placed on the mother to be and a moment of peace is allowed to pass

Ritual of the string (provided by the group)

  • The mother to be then ties a red string bracelet around the wrist of each woman while they express their blessing and wishes for the birth.

  • The connection with your sisters is kept through the red thread tide around your wrists until the birth, when all cut their red bracelets & light a candle releasing the blessing and wishes that were given this day.

  • You might like to have each guest write their blessing down to add to a book for the birthing woman to use as inspiration during her labour.

The Feast

  • I suggest you ask your guests to each bring a plate of nutritious unprocessed food / or you can organise yourself



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