Danae is an incredibly passionate certified and registered Birth Doula, based in Cremorne, Sydney. 

She is a mother of two young boys so understands her passion from a position of experience.

Having studied with the Australian Doula College, Spinning Babies creator Gail Tully and The Yoga Institute, Danae uses her broad knowledge to support women through what she believes is the most important experience of their lives.

Her experience teaching yoga and knowledge of the mechanics of the pelvis allows for a thorough understanding of Spinning Babies techniques, helping parents understand the importance of foetal positioning prior to and during labour. Using the ancient wisdom of Yoga meditation practice to support women, Danae believes that the preparation of the mind and breath is what brings women into their power.

Danae presents to 2nd Year Medical Students at the University of New South Wales, as part of an education program bringing more awareness to the importance of the experience of the birthing mother. She is also a member of the teaching faculty delivering elements of the post graduate pre & post-natal yoga training at The Yoga Institute (designing pregnancy yoga practice plans, spinning babies techniques, birth and yoga work together, introducing sound into yoga practice and pranayama for birth).

Her focus is empowering women (and their partners) through the incredible experience of birth.



Cremorne NSW Australia

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